In a dynamic world driven by extreme professionalism, an entity's presence is felt depending on the way the organization moulds the environment to fit in. Businesses today need relentless efforts to revolutionize and strengthen the economy, uplift society and empower young professionals with knowledge and experience.

The urge to break-free from conventional outlook on business enterprises in J&K State and to bring about a professional uprising, Simula Global Group of Companies is spearheading a corporate revolution. Adopting & developing indigenous talent, integrity & transparency in every business transaction, adapting to corporate etiquettes and professionalism in every action are the key drivers that make Simula Global Group of Companies a true global corporate citizen.

Clarity & conciseness in our approach and benchmark quality delivery as our strength, has led us to venture into diverse fields of businesses and create milestones for business enterprises to emulate in the State of J&K. We envision others emulating Simula Global Group of Companies as our strength, a strength that will revolutionize the way businesses are run in the State of J&K.

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